Variety Freak Show and never judge a book by its cover.

​Today was full of practice. I did a private morning anal de-armouring session before breakfast followed by Psoas Trauma Release and after lunch two “see where it goes” de-armouring sessions in a row on one of the assistants because my partner was already in a process so we could not do our exchange. After lunch we had another exchange with a surprise partner to mix things up. I got seemingly the most delicate creature in the group but she packed the strongest punch. She did some vaginal de-armouring on me and I erupted in a scream that scared the wits out of myself followed by uncontrollable loud crying and sobs. Time pretty much stands still in these instances but I think it was quickly over with and strangely enough it’s followed by a feeling of satisfaction, spaciousness and relaxation in my vagina for sure but also in my entire being. In the evening the three teachers gave us a transmission of them doing an actual full de-armouring session theater style on three people simultaneously to demonstrate their very different styles. One did it with a blindfold on to show the skill of seeing and sensing energy with your hands and whole being rather than using your eyes. Another worked on someone that looked like they were going through an exorcism (simply the body releasing trauma and with that, the body contorts as cells, nerves, and muscles work the old stuck energy and emotions out). The third teacher was using sexual energy (the most powerful and creative energy we have access to in our bodies) and worked her magic from “end to end”. Only participants in attendance truly understand the last reference.

​This work is complex and sacred. It takes intuition, heart, sensitivity, strength, humbleness, presence and spirit. It’s hard to understand what all this is really about and why from my brief descriptions as it gets out of context. It has to be investigated and experienced on your own person. Then comes the understanding in a very tangible way how brilliant and important this work is, how intelligent the body is and how amazing life and spirit can be felt and lived in health, homeostasis, balance, harmony and love ❤️

by: Maria Fazzingo

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