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Induction Experience (7-Day Retreat)

Our 7-day Induction Experience retreat is a life-changing experience that introduces you to the transformative world of dearmouring. In the supportive company of other similarly intentioned people, you will go through processes and experiences that will touch you deeply, help you release your armour, and produce profound, lasting transformation in many aspects of your being.

As an integral part of this experience, you’ll receive great tools to empower yourself in your everyday life and to help you transform the quality of all your relationships

No previous experience in any kind of bodywork, energy work, or dearmouring is needed to participate.

Please Note:
If you are interested in enrolling in our professional development program but have no experience as a bodyworker, energy worker, or dearmouring practitioner, you will have to attend this “Induction Experience” before you can join our Basic Dearmouring Training.

  • Wish to release and clear stuck/blocked emotions and unwanted patterns of behaviour and being.
  • Wish to do personal healing work, become more empowered, get to know yourself at much deeper levels, let go of old habits and limiting patterns, and open to more freedom.
  • Need sexual healing and/or simply wish to explore the world of sexual healing and body dearmouring.
  • Are ready to transform your life.
  • Are a professional bodyworker, sexual healer, tantric masseuse, or a practitioner of other healing modalities and wish to deepen your personal container.
  • Are a graduate of our professional training program and wish to boost yourself by peeling off more layers.
  • Are considering becoming a dearmouring practitioner or are clear you want to join our professional training program, but need more depth and skills before you qualify.
  • One-on-one processing on a daily basis
  • Emotional release and healing
  • Experience various ways of releasing emotions, leaving you lighter and clearer than ever before
  • Basics of body dearmouring: Theory and practice
  • Emotional patterns and how to work with them
  • Boundary setting: Understanding and clarifying your boundaries in relating and life in general
  • Sexual healing techniques: Internal dearmouring of yoni and lingam
  • Introduction to energy work: Learn about energy orgasms, activation points, and keys to more pleasure
  • Space holding basics: Learn how to create a space of trust, safety, and relaxation for another so they surrender and show up in deep vulnerability. Become aware of the power of the “space” you create
  • Trust and surrender: Practise in ways to open to divinity and your heart’s longing
  • Breath work. Learn powerful breathing techniques that help you access deep layers of your being
  • Masculine/Feminine polarity: Get to know deeper parts of yourself and discover the power of embracing feminine and masculine polarities
  • Non-verbal communication: Become more socially masterful, eloquent, and confident
  • Sharing

Prices (€1490-€1990) depend on location and your preferred accommodation type.

All prices include teaching fee, accommodation, and yummy vegetarian food. They do not include transport to the venue.

For detailed price description, please read individual retreat announcements.

Ways of paying:

– Bank transfer

– Cryptocurrency

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“Trauma is not something that is contained in the brain, you carry it with you in your body.
Are you fed up with feeling broken? Have you come to the point where you feel enough is enough? That it’s time to heal and move on, to start living life to the fullest?
Then try this de-armouring retreat. Be brave for a moment and then feel the difference in you life afterwards.
I simply can’t recommend it enough.
Thank you again Sanna & De’an. I will hold you all in my heart for the rest of my life. Till we meet again 🥰🙌🔥🌈
PS: My fiancée is very grateful to you, too.”


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Our photo gallery offers you the opportunity to get a glimpse of what awaits you in one of our dearmouring courses.

Our Instructors

De’an Matuka

Co-Founder Dearmouring Arts


Co-Founder  Dearmouring Arts


Let yourself be inspired by the videos of some of our Induction Experiences and listen to what our participants say about these retreats.

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Highly recommended training! Not just professionally but also great changes happen in your body if you go into this process and let it work on you. This led to major changes in my priorities within my professional life, and great healing happened in the weeks following the training.


I learned a lot. Your willingness to share your work, knowledge and experience is what I am really grateful for. Clearly there are a lot of years of work and learning behind you three, and it is not easy to teach this in such a short time. I felt supported, safe and welcome to be who i am, to ask questions and to learn.


... Amongst the dozens of trainings and certifications I’ve experienced around the world over the last 30 years, this was one of the most powerful. In addition to the effectiveness of practices, clarity of application, safety and depth of container, and heart/body/sex expansion & healing, the facilitation by De'an, Sanna and Susanne exemplified what they are teaching and transmitting, moment by moment.


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