Weird body movements, rotten egg under your toe, seeing with your hands and the promise of a penis owner teaching us belly dancing on the horizon.

​Today we learned TRE (trauma release exercises) from Susanne Roursgaard. I first learned psoas trauma release exercises from Matthias Schwenteck but he never told me about the rotten egg. If you want to convey to your students to barely keep any pressure between your foot and the floor, just imagine having a rotten egg that you don’t want to

break under your toe. Visuals work great for me to learn. I love the different teaching styles, personalities, and differing opinions each of the three teachers have to offer. I love that although I’ve learned and practiced the wheel of consent (taught today by Sanna Sanita) on six different occasions, I still get a new realisation about myself each time doing the exercises. I still have a hard time asking for what I really want without filtering as well as feeling wrong if another doesn’t accept my offer. Work to do! Surely I could do with one dose more self reflection, one part more consciousness and a sprinkle of weird body movements (TRE) to release.

​Seeing with your hands is what you see with your eyeballs happening in the picture above. Here students are feeling, sensing, scanning and perceiving (while I’m relaxing like a princess).

We are learning at the speed of light in this intensive much more and much deeper than I can express here. Some are already starting to process within themselves but we have sauna tonight and belly dancing taught by a man for tomorrow morning’s movement practice to keep us going!

by: Maria Fazzingo

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