How to Work With Sexual Energy in Dearmouring

Dearmouring Through Pleasure

Dearmouring Through Pleasure explores working with sexual energy to open, release, and dearmour the body.

This training harnesses the beautiful healing arts of pleasure and sexual energy for dearmouring. This is not only a liberating, profound, and wonderful way to grow and expand your orgasmic potential but also opens up the energy channels and senses to a heightened state of pleasure.

During this course, you will learn and experience a variety of techniques, both as a session giver and receiver. As a giver, you will be taught specific ways to help heal sexual trauma and reconnect your client with the enormous pleasure their body is capable of experiencing. As a receiver, you will discover your capacity for expanding pleasure and energy in your own body. By using your own body as a vehicle for learning powerful ways to charge and build up energy, you will be better equipped to then guide your clients in how to do that for themselves.

When we allow joy and ecstasy pulsate through us, we become more happy, alive, joyful, and at ease, and therefore feel more relaxed. Pleasure, orgasm, and healthy sexuality are all gateways to feeling awesome and healing trauma, blockages, and disconnection. Many people struggle with sexuality; they have a lot of guilt and shame about exploring and expressing sexuality; they do not know the extent of the body’s capacity for pleasure; and/or they have potentially experienced years of sexual abuse, a seeming inability to orgasm, or erectile dysfunction. Sexual healing and healing through pleasure can enable rapid and wonderful transformations, and we find it imperative that the spectrum of human experience includes these healing arts.

  • Pleasure as a gateway to profound healing; learning how pleasure can expand your and your clients’ life quality.
  • Pranasana, morning activation breath work.
  • Consciousness practices, learning to recognise and transform belittling thought patterns around sexuality, pleasure, and life; clear boundaries to prevent romantic dreaming (staying real).
  • Tantric massage and raising sexual energy, learning soft and juicy ways of opening the body.
  • Pleasure meditation and pleasure on command, learning how to open deeply and learning to own delicious energy from within.
  • Attitude: How the mind can expand the orgasmic potential.
  • Female ejaculation.
  • Cervix realignment.
  • Lingam activation.
  • Senses activation, different bodies, different density/lightness; learning and practising ways of activating the body.
  • Point of no return.
  • Energy orgasm.
  • Single point focused full-body orgasms.
  • Discovering full-body orgasmic potentials.
  • Erogenous zones.
  • Sound, breath, and movement.
  • Transformational voicing.
  • Shame and guilt work around sexuality, and allowing pleasure and joy into life.
  • Conscious play party.
  • Basic Training is a prerequisite for attending any of our Advanced Courses.

Price €1490-1990 depending on your preferred accommodation type.

All prices include teaching fee, accommodation, and yummy vegetarian food. They do not include transport to the venue.

For detailed price description, please read individual retreat announcements.

Ways of paying:

– Bank transfer

– Cryptocurrency

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We Will Focus On:

  • Working with sexual energy in dearmouring
  • Sexual healing sessions for clients
  • Exploring your own pleasure capacity
  • Sacred session setting
  • Opening women’s and men’s bodies to ecstasy
  • How to live in ecstatic states of being
This training consists of approximately 40 hours of instruction and practice. Due to the highly experiential nature of the content, the instructor may vary the order of presentation and practice of the various components to follow the energy that emerges from the group.

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Your Instructor

Susanna Beatrice

Co-Founder Dearmouring Arts

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Highly recommended training! Not just professionally but also great changes happen in your body if you go into this process and let it work on you. This led to major changes in my priorities within my professional life, and great healing happened in the weeks following the training.


I learned a lot. Your willingness to share your work, knowledge and experience is what I am really grateful for. Clearly there are a lot of years of work and learning behind you three, and it is not easy to teach this in such a short time. I felt supported, safe and welcome to be who i am, to ask questions and to learn.


... Amongst the dozens of trainings and certifications I’ve experienced around the world over the last 30 years, this was one of the most powerful. In addition to the effectiveness of practices, clarity of application, safety and depth of container, and heart/body/sex expansion & healing, the facilitation by De'an, Sanna and Susanne exemplified what they are teaching and transmitting, moment by moment.


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