Deep throating!

​Today started by my offering of intuitive body movement and dance through the Chakra system ending in a third eye and crown chakra meditation. After breakfast some floated away on the breath while others sailed away on their tears. We learned de-armouring of the neck, scalp, face, ears and throat.

​Throat de-armouring stimulates the Vagus nerve, gets energy to rise and resets the parasympathetic nervous system. It also makes you gag like a boss. I started crying before we even started. I have my trauma stories and I have gag reflex just from brushing towards the back of my tongue. Surprisingly due to the excellence of how my practitioner partner held space and communicated well, I agreed to relax, breathe and… gag! It actually isn’t at all as scary as it may first seem and if you don’t end up with an energetic throat orgasm or full body energetic swoosh of expansion, in the least you’ll feel deep relaxation in your body and throat afterwards.

It’s really cold here and the sun is about setting by 2:30 PM. Tomorrow morning my day starts with giving a private anal dearmouring session. Never a dull moment.

by: Maria Fazzingo

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