The Final Cracks?
Trauma, Drama, Sauna

​I opted to not write a post on the last day of the training and instead wait a few days to let the dust settle. I stayed an extra night at Angsbacka to be in stillness, to reflect and feel myself instead of my normal pattern to rush off venturing onto the next distraction of responsibility or adventure. For me, this is self love. ❤️

We had our third full exchange of a de-armouring session to practice and integrate all that we learned. This time in a same sex exchange for genital de-armouring. This may bring up awkwardness, shame, fear or judgement for some. There were actually two vulnerable men in the group who had rape in their history. They had the most profound healing of all, being held in divine service, presence and love by another man. Hard to even put into words the transformation.

​We ended the afternoon in a circle of sharing our personal thoughts and experiences.

​I had come to learn the science behind what I was already doing to some degree intuitively. I wanted to learn new language around it, gain confidence and technique, put new tools in my tool box and practice. The take-aways I got were much more! I received de-armouring and went head first into my own process. I accessed hidden parts of myself, felt more deeply, stayed with emotions longer to understand myself better, dared more, expressed louder, felt deeply and showed up for myself more than ever before.

As a practitioner, you can only bring someone else into process and hold as deep space for them as you can go yourself. My container has been greatly expanded.

I have so much respect and gratitude for the co-creation of this training by the authentic teachers Susanne Roursgaard, Sanna Sanita and De’an Matuka.

Susanne is so full of wisdom, experience, patience, devotion, quiet strength and humbleness. Sanna is a skilful, lively, creative, playful being with a huge heart. She is also a fierce passionate tigress! De’an brings lots of firm but also warm loving father energy. He is a serious wall of presence and strength of which no bullshit can get past. Behind that serious wall is a surprising sneaky humour as well as integrity and tender vulnerability. Deep deep respect for these teachers and also the amazing assistants.

I highly recommend this training for anyone that is a body worker, tantric practitioner or wanting to release, melt, reconfigure and transform.

by: Maria Fazzingo

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