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Hours and hours of material! Most of the questions you have asked yourself at some point regarding Dearmouring and bodywork will be answered in here. You can sit quietly in your own place and review things again and again. It is transmitted in an easily understandable way and full of wisdom. I warmly recommend De’ans Tutorial as an additional tool to your training!

Susanne Roursgaard

The Gaia Method (TM)

My compliments De’an. These videos are very useful, even for someone like me who has done many trainings with your de-armouring school. Every time I watch them I see and hear new elements that further deepen my understanding of the technique. The way you clarify everything step by step is very clear. I recommend watching these videos. Thank you

Maries Kouters

After joining this course I could not believe the vast amount of knowledge and hidden gem’s I found in all the video’s. De’an shares everything in a very approachable way. And the possibility of asking questions about specific subjects of interest is great. It’s a terrific way to start learning about de-armouring or like me expanding my knowledge base with great techniques. Thank you De’an for bringing this out to all of us


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