Dancing body energy

​Flying back home today turned out to be a completely new experience. I never sensed all the motions in an aircraft the way I did today. I never felt being this ‘disconnected’ from earth like today, and ‘grounded’ again when we touched the runway. Schiphol airport turned out to be overcrowded, just like the train station. I had to take several very deep breathes to ‘survive’ all intense sensations that came along with it… So now, I find myself, sitting on the couch, Gary Malkin’s beautiful music playing. And still, I am vibrating from head to toe. As if my entire body is dancing with the music, every vein, cell, bone and cell seems to be engaged, moving smoothly with the melody.

I feel so grateful and humble.

For all my personal experiences, including the releases of deep emotional pains that were hidden somewhere inside of me, in places I never thought these pains could ever had been hidden, and without the urge of the mind to exactly know what it is all about.

For the opening up and inner space after the releases that made me feel all of my love, my power, my beauty, my joy, my life.

For the subtle, almost divine sensations I felt (and still feel) in my body. My stronger vision after a deep breath mediation (literally, but also in seeing things differently).

For the love I felt for every one in the group, the ‘holding space’ for one another. The trust and openess, love and care, joy and fun, sharing and valuable feedback.

For the opportunity to work with both men and women, the beautiful, accurate and fun exercises, and the opportunity to give three complete de-armouring sessions.

For my steep learning curve in being a therapist, while working with other participants, making mistakes, receiving feedback, noticing all that emerged from that within myself, and growing from there.

For the loving and caring and ‘on the spot’ support of the assistants.

And for the great teachings of De’an Matuka, Sanna Sanita and Susanne Roursgaard that each brought their own style, approach and knowledge into this training, including their pointing on boundaries, ethics, integrity and the responsibility being a therapist in this deep bodywork.

​My integration process has only just begun.

I am in the right place.
With Love.
Dido van Holthe

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