Another baby and a pussy workout.

​Today a baby was born in the group! It’s not exactly an occasion for pink or blue cigars to be passed out by a proud Dad. This was re-birthing which is fascinating and was touched upon in theory but then actually ended up being experienced by one of the participants in the training when we were practicing vaginal de-armouring. Re-birthing is really powerful and important work for a body that was preparing physically, energetically and hormonally for nine months but was then actually cheated out of the birthing process by c-section.

​My vagina and related parts went through some assisted gymnastics today. Vaginal de-armouring is the best way to get to know yourself (if you have one that is). In a session you will find bits you didn’t know you had, bits that seem altogether missing, bits that are painful, pleasurable or that make you cry or go mad. It may not sound appealing but it’s beautiful and important work and your pussy will thank you for it. Of course this isn’t a very deep share or lesson on the matter but hopefully it piques curiosity and further investigation as it will change your life for the better.

​The group is experiencing the dwindle down of days anxiety with only 3 precious days left. I’m jumping into bed now! Tomorrow morning I lead the morning movement practice with intuitive body movement and dance through the chakra system ending in a delicious meditation. Yum! 😍

by: Maria Fazzingo

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