Grown men crying and the heart whisperer.

​The power of the breath is evidenced by the room full of men crying all around me as I lay there myself, eyes closed but in a state of observation from an unfamiliar perspective as I’m noticing no thoughts and no body, yet feeling at home. Hearing men crying opens my heart and supports healing the collective. It’s fucking beautiful! Men being vulnerable, is men being MEN. Thank you, we love you with all of your feels, raw emotions hearts 💕 🙏 Today we learned ethics, responsibilities, boundaries, de-armouring theory and practice of men’s private bits (AKA cock and anus).

​We had the evening off for ecstatic dance or private sessions. I opted for a different dance by way of a tantra massage/de-armouring session which can look many different ways depending on the practitioner, my energy and your imagination. What it looked like in reality went down like this: The practitioner found a painful spot on my sternum and then sandwiched my heart with his hands for what seemed like an eternity as my heart physically and energetically hurt and hurt and hurt until it didn’t anymore.

by: Maria Fazzingo

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