Which way to go?

 The days are long and blurred chuck full of so much good information, history, philosophy, technique, styles, healing, cleansing and growing friendships. Speaking with a fellow Tantra Massage Practitioner we have the question of where do we go now in our practice after having learned this on top of another modality that is very different but has similar aspects of working with energy and can have similar results of clearing blockages. The biggest difference being that de-armouring is not a massage and does not use sexual energy. Let’s see where integration and practice brings us.

Every day is jam packed starting in the morning at 7:00am with morning movement practice and ending evening session at 9:30/10pm. Today’s lesson started with breath-work which is another way to self de-armour. Then we learned about feeling energy, how to open the shushumna (central energy channel), about body posture alignment so as not to waste energy or injure yourself, practice and a most beautiful and powerful “I AM PRESENCE” meditation.

by: Maria Fazzingo

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