The magic is in the stillness, the baby and the yelling before the snow storm.

​I’ve done TRE many times with nothing to write home about minor tremor effects. Still though with the results of feeling relaxed in my body and with calmness of mind. Today was different to say the least. There wasn’t any more tremor than any other time. The size and intensity of the tremor doesn’t matter. What was different was taking the time afterwards to lay in stillness for an extended period of time. The magic is in the stillness! Usually there’s been a time limit at the places I’ve experienced it or if I’ve done it myself I don’t lay relaxed long enough afterwards because, you Well today staying in the stillness after TRE caused a little crack to open. Then a little salty tear escaped out of that crack. Then another and then some more developing into a good leaky cry. Well enough. Thank you, that’s all for today (or so I thought).

Regained composure, break time, and then I find myself extremely uncomfortable and emotional in the group sharing circle that followed. I have felt like this in several sharing circles before, this bubbling up of unpleasant emotion and the extreme pressure and discomfort of trying to keep it under wraps. My logical brain had a desire to share as it may shed some light but at the same time I was not wanting to be seen in this state and feared facing what was lurking under the surface. I had enough, how many more times will I be in a pattern of missed opportunities for support, love and healing? In my frustration, fear and inner anguish, all I could muster up and what came out was “I NEED HELP!” Talk about a call to action. Given the invitation I somehow ended up moving a lot of energy through of suppressed anger with screams, crying, slobber, pillow hitting, collapsing, more anger, more screaming and feeling the terror of being a neglected baby. I am love was the healing declaration that left me feeling a clear channel of light through my body’s centre and the ability to breathe deep again.

​De’an says armour is lack of love. All this stormy energy inside one moment and the next moment I discovered a snow storm outside and the beautiful silence it brings. The magic is in the stillness. ❤️

Disclaimer: It’s very difficult to express in a short(ish) message what can only be understood by personal experience. Reading about my experience may bring the course curriculum out of context as it is my personal journey and divine alignment that created a unique moment.

by: Maria Fazzingo

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