Last travel and training of 2017. I will be adding the finishing touches on my continuing education and practice with De-armouring bodywork at Angsbacka in Sweden with leading teachers in the field. I have yet to hear much about this in the states. Europe continues to be my go to place for.. well.. a lot of things…

De-armouring Day 1:

​On a break many of us realised the gravity of the situation… we signed up for 10 days of this? It’s the realisation that it’s hard work, that it takes lots of practice, that you don’t know what’s lurking underneath and what may surface. Or maybe you do know, but want to bypass or hide however sooner or later you will be seen. You can not do this work with integrity without facing yourself fully first. Then, there is the excitement of healing parts of yourself and up levelling your work being in service to clients.

Will the challenge, pain, tears, screams, sobs, teeth clenching all be worth it? For making more space in your body for more of you, for liberation, ease and pleasure, you bet!

by: Maria Fazzingo

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