Seems I’m going backwards and hotdog in the sauna.

​A few days ago I went back in time to when I was a baby. There was some work to be done releasing anger and trauma. Today I went even further back “remembering” being in the womb and not liking my umbilical chord, the being it was attached to and the alcohol and nicotine that came through it. When working with clients in the past there seems to be a forward chronological order of memories that come up. It seems I’m going backwards. (No right or wrong)

​Another experience I had today was discovering I have a very high tolerance for pain. Once we could get into my pain body (this is for the purpose of releasing energetic blockages) I would feel the pain only briefly and then the pain would turn into a sort of pleasure. Yet, if you challenge me to step out of the sauna and roll around in the snow (a common Scandinavian practice) I can’t bare (excuse the pun) it. BTW unrelated, there was a dog in the sauna, of the hotdog variety and that was already both odd and adorable as was the dread-lock in its ear hair to match it’s Swedish owner’s dreadlocks who claimed the dog must be from India. Too much heat in the sauna obviously.

​Today among many things we had a lecture on the theory of de-armouring, how it works, how trauma is caused and stored in the body and how the brain is involved. Fascinating. Tomorrow will be kundalini Yoga, tango lessons, breath-work and surprise all before lunch!

by: Maria Fazzingo

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